Single Girl’s Bucket List

Independence Never Felt So Good…


    There’s no question about the inspiration that comes with independence, so I couldn’t resist the urge to create a Single Girl’s Bucket List just for the single girls out there… & of course, implement some of these goals into my personal goal list.

    It’s time to gain more independence & have a fun with it! Here are 10 Goals For The Single Girl’s Bucket List… or perhaps 10 reasons to LOVE <3 living the single life.

  1. Have An Independent Date Night: That’s right, getting out on your own is actually really liberating. Take yourself out for dinner & a movie!
  2. Travel Internationally: Yes. This is not a joke. It’s time to really get to know yourself, & what better way to do so than really experiencing the world around you.
  3. Give Your Number To A Stranger: Were you walking down the street with a few friends? Did you make eye contact with a really cute stranger? Sometimes going out on the limb is the right answer. This is not crazy, give him your number or email & walk away standing tall. 
  4. Get Yourself A Promise Ring: It’s about time to make yourself a promise. Never settle for less then the right man for you. He’s out there.
  5. Make A List… All About Y.O.U: What are your favorites? What are your goals? What are your quirks. Now is the time to focus on yourself & your favorites. Relax & work on you.
  6. Get Active: In those moments of frustration or confusion, get active. Go for a run, do some pushups or even just enjoy a bike ride. It’s getting active that’s really going to get you relaxed.
  7. Learn Something New: You know that thing you’ve been putting off learning forever… yeah. Guitar? Piano? Calligraphy? Whatever it is, now is your time to do it!
  8. Ask Yourself: Where do I see myself in 10 years? This is seriously important because you don’t have to worry about any one else’s thoughts. Where do YOU see YOURSELF?
  9. Go ‘Chick Flick’ & SPA Crazy: Twilight Anyone? It’s time to take advantage of being able to watch whatever chick flick… or for that matter, listen to any music… that you feel like. Gotta Love It!
  10. Take Advantage: HEY YOU! This may be the very last time you are ever single!!! Yeah – that’s right. The next guy just might be the one. It’s time to take advantage of being single. Enjoy the little things. 🙂

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