Shower Under A Waterfall: I’m Sorry, Where?

Another item crossed off: Shower Under A Waterfall — but, you guys, if you have this goal, do it in Hawaii… or somewhere equally WARM. I’m not that blonde; I was well aware that the waterfalls of Glacier National Park would be extremely cold… but was it worth it? Okay, yes. Yes, it was. And, having gotten engaged less than a half an hour before certainly had me wanting to jump around all over the place – why not get hypothermia in a waterfall???

Temperature is the only advice I have for you guys here. And, for those of you looking at the photo above & saying that it didn’t count because I wasn’t all the way in… 1) Why don’t you go do it! & 2) You bet your ass it counts! I showered under a waterfall! And maybe my being ballsy enough to do it at Glacier makes it that much more powerful?