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Eric, Tom, Shelly, & Kari Christmas 2009

    My name is Shelly Croson-Rummel.  I was born in Sacramento, California, a very long time ago… 🙂 where my Dad was working at the time. My parents moved back to St. Maries, Idaho (where my Mom was born) when I was about 3 months old.  We moved around a bit for several years at different areas my Dad would work; but I spent most of my life growing up in St. Maries.     In October of 1992, I moved to Plains, Montana where I have lived for the past 19 years.  I’m married to the newly elected Sheriff of our county, and have been the last 17 years now and have four children; three of my children are already at home with my Lord in Heaven, awaiting my arrival.  My youngest son Eric is now 18 years old and a Senior, graduating in May of this year.

           I work as a fill-in at our local hospital & have been fully employed there off & on for the past 18 years.  I work in the Medical Records department.  And then I work full-time here at home taking care of my family, which I feel is a huge honor.

What’s one goal you have for the near future?  What’s one that you have for the distant future?  How do you plan on accomplishing these goals?

    Is to learn to live my life to the fullest and to the Glory of my God with all that I have left here on this earth; to rediscover what my interest are in this new season of my life; to travel, do new things, meet new people, see different cultures. How? – By getting out there and doing them, Lord willing. 

Describe one or more incredibly difficult experiences for you.  How did you pull through them?

    The most incredibly difficult experiences for me have been the death of my loved ones.  We all “expect,” more or less, losing an older loved one: Grandparents, parents, older relatives or friends; and hopefully when we are very old ourselves.  Within an eight-year span, I feel like I’ve lost total pieces of my heart through each of my losses.  We lost my Dad in October of 1992, then my 17 year old son in August of 1993, my Grandmother in October of 2000, then my 22 year old daughter in October of 2010; Aunts, Uncles, Friends, and Cousins in between them all.

    How did I pull through and keep going?  This is such an excellent question to reflect   upon, as I’m still pulling through it all.  I guess there is really only one way, and that is through the comfort that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ provides.  He does it in the most amazing ways, such as: providing comfort through others, who let me know they still care with their love & support; through His Word that offers hope and inspires me to keep going when I feel like I cannot take another breathe-of-air; through beautiful music he gifts others to share and inspire hope; through His mere presence when NO one else is there to pick-me back up and say, “Keep going Sweetie, just a while longer, I need your help here still, and then you can come home to me and your loved ones”.

Name one thing that inspires you.  Why?

    Some may not understand this and I totally do not mean to offend by what I share, but this is how I feel.  What inspires me the most is my Heavenly Father and Lord Jesus Christ.  Each new day, I’m learning more and more how to walk closely with them – it is beyond amazing how differently I look at this big ol’ world, and how much more exciting and precious each new moment is looking at things through His eyes – it dulls & heals the intense pain that I live with daily.

Name someone who’s changed your life dramatically.  What did they do to inspire this change, and how have you changed from it?

    This question is very hard to pin down on just one.  But the 1st one that comes to my mind again is Jesus Christ. My life dramatically changed when I invited Him in for a visit and asked Him to stay.  And through Him, He brought others – my wonderful husband, who brings the physical comfort of love, understanding, and support that comes from Jesus straight to me, through Tom.  Tom has been such an influence in my life.  He just accepts me for who I am no matter how I am within any given moment; good or bad.  He’s so wise, understanding, happy-go-lucky attitude about life, positive, protective, compassionate, and is always here for me and the kids, and anyone else who may need him.  I had never experienced unconditional love in this way until I met and got to know him.  He is a true gift from above.  And how has it changed me? It makes me want to be like him and pay if forward. 

If you could change the world in one way, what would it be?

    If I could change the world, it would be that each person could learn to love each other as He would love, to be loved, and be at peace with all men.  Each person is so unique and as is each animal, each plant, and so on. What we would gain from a world like this would be – OH MY – HEAVEN!   🙂

What’s your favorite childhood memory?   Why?

    This is also hard, there are so many.  I think my fondest is being up on my Grandparent’s mountain, Edgar and Leona Allen, right outside of St. Maries, Idaho.  There is still a cross on the top of that mountain that my Grandfather donated the land for – it is still there to this day.  I’m not sure really how many years they lived there, but my Mom, the youngest of 6 children, grew up there. I think they lived there many years after my Mom was out and married and that I was in grade school when they moved to town. 

    There were many fun family get-togethers with Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins—-always a major house full – I loved it.  Roaming the mountain with my Grandpa or by myself; it was like tasting a peace of Heaven – I just loved it.  Watching my Grandpa, Uncles, and Cousins skinning their game from a successful hunt and listening to their stories; sometimes to my Grandma & Mom’s horror.  🙂 Spending overnight visits there with my Grandparents. Walking out to the outhouse—–Oh—so many found memories there. 

    Why, because of the wonderful couple who started the whole chain of those I call my family – all because of Edgar & Leona Allen, & well, generations ahead of them too, of course.  And next, my own parents, Larry & Vivian Croson – which starts another whole chain.  I so love my family!!!  Both sides & then some.

When you were little, what did you want to be “when you grow up?”   Do you still have those plans today?  If no, what do you want to be now?

     At one point growing up, I wanted to be a nurse, then a doctor.   Then realized  that I have a weak stomach and can panic in life-threatening situations; probably not for me.  Then I wanted to be a singer, dancer, and model.  I didn’t get to even see if I had it in me——got married young and had a baby at 17.   I have found through all these many years of trying various jobs that the most rewarding has been motherhood and taking care of my man, children, & my home.  If I could go back; I would have had at least 7 children.   🙂 

    Now, I think I would like being a Chaplin for the police department or hospital or helping with Hospice; working toward that goal.  And asking the Lord to give me the “voice of an angel”, so I can worship Him in song.  Must have it there in me somewhere, as my brother Clint and my niece Amy can sing. 

What was something you had to learn the hard way and why?

    That life does not always go as one expects it too and realizing I have “no” control of making things go as I would hope for them to, in certain ways.  During so much of my life I’ve tried to control circumstances and the others around me; and at times not in really constructive ways for anyone. With a lot of bad choices, wrong paths taken and the heartache they took me upon, I reached a point in my journey where I had to give the reigns over to the One; the One who knows better than me for everything —– circumstances and others.  As I’m learning to let go and trust my God, who is in control,  I have found such peace and true contentment.  I make wiser choices, have less-unrealistic expectations, and am more able to except situations and others for what and who they are.  It’s been so freeing!  🙂

What’s one last thing you’d like to share with the readers of

    I’d like to share with all of you out there reading this, what an honor it was to have my precious Niece, Amy, ask me to share.  Although not an easy task, but a fun journey of searching my heart to these questions.  And to add, Amy, you are an inspiration to me; to see you at this young-adult age, living life to the fullest and chasing after your dreams; making wise decisions (for the most part, LOL) and going for it. 

    This life has so much to offer us and for me to live this life, is to live it for Christ; because He is the One who offers HOPE for any and all situations this life can throw at us. 

I want to share out of a little “Precious Promise Bible” that was my Grandma Allen’s; it is only 3” by 2” size wise; it is so cute:

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