There are quite a few things about life that we aren’t absolutely sure about. We cannot predict the future, nor can we begin to explain why things happen the way that they do.

    While we should refuse to be blind; refuse to see look past the red flags that we’re often given, we must also begin to realize that in some cases, we’ve been sabotaging ourselves. When we think about what it is that we really want & how to get it, we should also be considering  the direction in which we’re headed & what’s going on in the back of our heads.

    My honest examples would include that thought in the back of my mind during competition. What if they don’t like me? What if my voice cracks? What if I do everything I can & still lose? – What I should be asking myself is what I plan to do after the competition. Who cares if I don’t win, it’s honestly about experience & having fun.

    Another example might be my fear of my boyfriend leaving me or finding someone better. This fear carries & can damage a relationship. Instead, I should be focused on what we have now & how we could make it better. I should be thankful that I have someone so meaningful in my life, but not in constant fear of losing him. And last, but not least, I should feel worthy of him because I am.

    It’s time we start working on ourselves a little more, train ourselves to find a way to let go of that subconscious fear somehow. It’s time we give ourselves the power we’ve always deserved; to make our mark on this world.

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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