Risk & The Inevitable

  Change is scary, uncomfortable, sometimes even heart-wrenching or ‘unbearable.’ Change is also beautiful, inspirational, moving, bold, liberating, creative & incredible. Change is unlimited & can create opportunities you’ve only dreamt of. And in those moments when you’re truly not sure, remember that change is also inevitable. 

    It happens slowly, we begin to gradually get comfortable with the world that we live in. Whether good, or bad, we find peace in living in the place we’ve grown up in or spending time with the people we’ve spent the most time with. While many are happiest living their lives in ways that they always have, some of us come to realize that we are limiting our opportunities… & that’s where it all begins.

   It will come unexpectedly & harsh, something in your lives will change you forever… and this is usually something that is against your will. You will be required to stand up for yourself, gain independence, take risks you otherwise wouldn’t have taken… you will be required to make do with what you or someone else has gotten you into.

    At first, life will be challenging – moving forward will be tough, but soon – very soon – you come to realize that you have nothing to lose when it comes to risking more… & life somehow gets simpler & a whole lot more fun.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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