Rainy Days & Heartbreak

    Some days can remind us that life’s not fair; whether you’re watching the raindrops hitting a window on the weekend or you’re hiding in your room trying to pull the pieces of your heart back together. For some, these days may come often; for others they may come seldom, but each and every one of us knows what it means to sing the blues.
    We also have our own ways of finding our way back into the sunlight, and I thought I’d share with you mine. Here’s a get well package that’s bound to bring you back.

*Chocolate – (Obviously), but I’m not about to let them go overboard. One Hershey bar would be plenty.

* A Bottle of Wine – (Obviously). Just because.

* Whip It – (The Movie), because these bad ass girls don’t need a guy to be as cool as they are.

A Gift Card– Because they need to get out & enjoy their new world.

* A Night on the Town – A reminder of the things they do have that they should be thankful for.

* A Kelly Clarkson CD – Alright, let’s admit it. Kelly Clarkson is one independent girl, she knows how to rock, & she knows her breakup songs. *And she’s gotten me through two breakups.*

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Dedicated to a good friend of mine. 🙂


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