Prove It.

    You’re as strong as you think you are… but your also as week as you think you are. – And I can prove it.

    I’m writing to everyone who’s ever had a doubt in their mind; to anyone who’s ever told themselves that something was impossible; to the people out there who are constantly trying to explain how bad their day went… today, yesterday & the day before… And I’m begging you to stop & really think about what it is that you want in life.

    If you’re having doubts, change them – change your world so that you’re no longer doubting whatever it is that you’re unhappy with. If you’re thinking something is impossible… you’re keeping yourself from accomplishing your greatest dreams & often unknowingly bringing down the people who dream around you. And if you’re constantly telling yourself – & others – that you’re ungrateful or unhappy… maybe it’s time you stop depressing yourself – & others – with your negative words. 

    It’s time to stop, wake up & start believing in ourselves & those around us, otherwise what is it that we’re here for? To constantly wake up unhappy & doubt the life that we lead? NO. To box ourselves into a tiny corner by pretending that everything’s impossible? NO. Or are we here to gain all of the attention we possibly can by constantly making people feel sorry for us & all of our ‘bad days’? F NO!

    Do Something. Make Your Move. Be Bold. Dare To Challenge Yourself.

    It’s time to start living in the moment, staying positive, & remembering that we’re here for the ride… not for simply sitting around complaining.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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