Prepare For Takeoff…

For a pilot to earn his wings, he must land without the runway lights. This is something I find not only interesting but also rather symbolic. How many of us have the road lit in front of us?

Many of us aren’t sure where we’re going; those of us who do may not be sure how to get there, and on the rare occasion that we do know how to get there, we aren’t sure which direction we should take first. We too are planning our landing on an un-lit runway, and most of the time on unfamiliar territory.

We’re flooded with so many thoughts and emotions. How am I going to accomplish this task when it is so daunting? What will people think about me if I fail? Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? Am I going to let myself down?

As we continue to fight with ourselves – before we’ve even gone into action – not only does the task at hand seem more daunting, but it can also seem further and further away. We’re literally talking ourselves out of accomplishing our greatest goals and dreams.

Stop yourself before you go too far, because this is important. All dreams and goals involve risk – and whether it’s big or small it can be scary. The main thing to focus on is why you wanted to accomplish this goal in the first place, and when you remember, it’s time to prepare for takeoff.


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