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25 Items For Your Christmas Bucket List

Looking for a few great bucket list items having to do with the Holidays? Look no further! We've officially got one of the best Christmas Bucket List you could ask for. Happy Bucket Listing!

1. Kiss Under Mistletoe

2. Go To A Christmas Parade

3. Write A Macy's Letter To Santa

4. Build A Ginger Bread House

5. Start A Christmas Mini Village

6. Create A Christmas Playlist

7. Start A Christmas Tradition

8. See A Lighting Ceremony

9. Participate In 'Secret Santa'

10. Volunteer On Christmas Day

11. Enjoy An Advent Calendar

12. Compete In A White Elephant

13. Be Conniving With Elf On A Shelf

14. Make A Homemade Wreath

15. Bake A Pie From Scratch

16. Throw A Holiday Party

17. Hand Craft Every. Single. Present.

18. Get Creative With Elf On The Shelf

19. Make Your Own Stockings

20. Experience A White Christmas

21. Get A REAL Christmas Tree

22. Go 5 Days Without Social Media

23. Decorate Your House With Lights

24. Get A Photo With Santa

25. Send Out Yearly Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year from yours truly,


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