Poker Face | How To Handle The Cards You’re Dealt

    We’ve all experienced those days when it seems as though everyone’s out to get us; bad days or weeks where we feel like we simply cannot do anything right. (Or perhaps we are doing things right, but maybe no one’s noticed?) These days have a way of building up and getting to us; these days hit everyone.

    Below I’ve mixed together a few helpful tips on how to handle the cards you’re dealt like a professional: cool, calm and collected, and how to come to a conclusion on whether or not you should stand up or stand down.

  • Give A Pep Talk: … To yourself. One of the biggest examples I’ve followed from my Mother and Grandmother is that a good ole’ fashioned pep talk is sometimes all you need to really get yourself back in the game. 
  • Remember When: It can be difficult remembering good times when someone’s made you angry about something, but remembering can also make you realize that this might not be so bad.
  • Be Thankful: Sometimes it takes a list of what we’re thankful for to really realize how good we have it. There’s always something to be thankful for.
  • Unwind: Find something to do that will make you happy and distract you from what you’re so upset about. Go to a movie or take a walk in the park, and don’t be afraid to do it independently.
  • Relax: Find something that relaxes you even further. Take a bubble bath while reading your favorite book, or get a massage if you have a little extra money.
  • Make A Day Of It: Another thing that always helps me to relax is to give myself a big confidence boost by going to a zumba class or getting my hair done. When you’re feeling good about yourself, you start to feel a bit better about the world around you.
  • Sleep On It: Let it go until the next morning, really allowing yourself to cool down from whatever the situation may be.
  • Think About It: Now that you’re cooled down, you can really think about things rationally. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed again, and ask yourself a few questions: Am I overreacting or should I move on from this? Do I see myself in this position or around this person a year from now?
  • Weigh It: As you think about this situation, it’s important to weigh not only your options, but the facts. What do you know? Is your situation constantly in the way or something that’s just come up? Have you been beating yourself up about it? What would change this?
  • Take A Stand Or Step Aside: If this is something you feel you should take a stand toward – do it. Stand up for yourself, be proud, and set a great example. If this is something you feel that will go away shortly, or something you’ve overreacted about, admit it to yourself and move forward. Go live your life and let it all go.
  • Give Yourself Credit: … Not a beating. Many times people beat themselves up when they take a big step. (And I’ll admit that this happens to me often.) Stop.Not only is beating yourself up about something that’s in the past pointless, but you’ve got so much to celebrate. When you take action, it teaches you so much about yourself and it pushes you forward… whether you see that now or not.

Enjoy! ~ A.E.C.

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