Planning The Roadtrip Of A Lifetime.. .& Pushing Yourself Further In The Process

Road trips are a big deal to many of us. They’re incredible adventures that take us places we couldn’t have possibly imagined & can completely change the way we see the world.

My adventure started in 2008 for the Salt Lake City American Idol Auditions, but went even further in 2009 when my mother & I then decided to drive to Nashville, TN from North Idaho.

Our adventures were ones that we will be talking about the rest of our lives. From incredible hail storms to the ultimate destination at the Nashville CMA Festival.

 Here are just a few of our tips on how to plan the road trip of a lifetime.

  1. KOA‘s Are now your best friend. – A KOA is a campground that has cute inexpensive cabins for road trips. Let’s face it – we can’t all afford to stay in the hotel every night. These cabins & RV spots are also often in beautiful locations. (See picture at the bottom of this post for an example of a beautiful view that is just across the bridge from a KOA in Montana.)
  2. Book Ahead & Double Check.– It’s important to book in advanced, you never know what’s happening in that area when you’re passing through. Also, not all KOA’s have cabins. So be sure to check that you’re getting what you need.
  3. Let Google route you. – Once you know where the KOA’s are, you can have Google route your trip. Starting with the full distance, & figuring out how far you’d like to drive each day. (Example: Spokane, WA to Nashville, TN.)
  4. Plan on detours. – There are all sorts of things you might find along the way; Small old west towns, cities that look fun to stop in, & even maybe Metropolis, where Superman resides. (Kentucky attraction.)
  5. DO NOT make an Itinerary. – Believe me, I understand the need to feel organized, but some things MUST be spontaneous. Though you will want a rough time frame to get where you’re going, be sure to allow enough time to relax & goof off if you can. It’s supposed to be vacation, not a school field trip.
  6. Make a list of the things you want to see. – Because you aren’t making an itinerary, be sure to make a list with those involved of what you’d like to see most along the way. Be sure to put it in order of priority, because you may not be able to get to everything.
  7. Expect the unexpected. – Obviously, this comes with the territory. There will be unexpected things that happen. Hail storms (see below), times when you cannot stay in a KOA & might need money for a hotel, & other little things like toll roads. Always bring enough money to account for these things.
  8. Relax! – This is supposed to be a fun adventure. Be sure to relax and have fun along the way. Otherwise, what’s the point?


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