Patience, Faith & Determination…

Patience, faith in yourself, & determination. These are all key things when it comes to success. Each of these things we come across every day without really paying much attention.

This morning I spent time washing blueberries in a large sink. Many of them were lost in the water when I began to think about just how important patience is. Though they were only blueberries, they became symbols of my goals & dreams. I spent 15 minutes collecting them – proud of myself after catching them one by one. Because no matter how small the goal, it’s still an important & memorable steppingstone in my life.

Sometimes faith in yourself is hard to come by. We doubt ourselves, wondering how it’s possible to get as far as we want to go. It is possible. Don’t be afraid to lean on friends, but be sure to allow them to lean on you as well. – Also, remember that you can keep faith in yourself by building on your experiences – positive or negative – it doesn’t matter. Life is all about trial & error.

Finally, remember your determination. If you are standing up for yourself & fighting for your greatest dreams, you are determined. And that alone means the world. – It is those who are waiting for their greatest dreams to fall into their laps that will be the ones regretting things later because life is all about the journey.

I hope this has inspired you in some way & I apologize for not writing recently, as we’ve moved to a new home without internet. Thank you again for all of your support & if you’re interested, & I were recognized on Friday with an interview at


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