We often feel that we are simply ordinary. Just the average person looking to succeed in whatever it is that makes us truly happy. We all have our moments. But when you look further, there’s so much to you that makes you genuine. 

    The combination of experiences, the way we were raised, our personalities, our habbits, the way that we look at this world – these are the things that make us genuine. No one else has experienced all of the exact same things in the exact combination, nor with the same aspect in which we’ve interpreted something. Everything we’ve been taught, all of the mistakes we’ve made; these things have shaped us completely.

    Many, instead of embracing the person that we are, are completely frustrated with certain parts of what make them THEM. They run around trying to ‘find’ themselves, as though they’re hiding somewhere; as though one day, everything will make sense. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. – The truth is that we are not lost. We’re being built.

    Each piece: experience, lesson, moment of curiosity… they are all building & shaping who we are. It’s facinating. We aren’t trying to figure out who we are supposed to be, we are building ourselves – and the people around us are helping to build us too. 

    I’m not simply stating the obvious; I’m hoping that you might read this & consider just how much control you have on the life that you lead; how much you can really decide about your future. – It’s time to get up & go for it. Fight until you can’t. Learn as much as you can about anything you want — Because You Can!! It’s time to take advantage & build ourselves up into the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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