Ooo! I Want That!

All of us have experienced the feeling we get when someone has something we really want. When we want something bad enough, it can even seem as though nearly everyone has it. And when it comes to something that you don’t have complete control over, it’s nearly impossible to not be frustrated, or even heartbroken.

In all honesty, and after personal experience, I must state that focusing on other goals & previous accomplishments is what gets me through the moments of frustration. When we don’t have complete control over a particular goal, focusing on other goals can not only distract from that frustration, but often cause that goal to come even closer, get you thinking about a different route… or possibly even change our mind about that goal completely.

So when you want something, but you’re unable to go after it alone, or for any other particular reason, set that goal aside & think about all of the other things you’d like to accomplish. As silly as it sounds, some goals can be as complicated as homework assignments. Every now & then we need a breather.


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