One Year Without

Have you ever considered creating a bucket list item that has you going without something? Removing something from your life for an entire year?

So my ‘One Year Without’ blog has a little history behind it; I have several Cousins who I consider siblings. They are all amazing, & two of them are the closest that I have to sisters. Though both younger than me, & fighting to conquer the world just as I am, there is an undeniable truth that I look up to them quite often. We are leading ladies in our lives.

So, anyways… some time ago, one of these beautiful leading ladies decided to go one year without soda. I believe we were all in high school at the time (or me just out?) & I was completely in awe of this goal. At one point, I may have even said something like, “Wow. I don’t think I could ever do that. Kudos to you Lena. Kudos.” And I do believe it needs to be said that this was before the creation of my bucket list.

Flash forward a few years, & I find myself putting together New Years Resolutions for 2015. What will I accomplish this year? And suddenly I’m thinking about my beautiful badass cousins, & this goal of going one year without something. Not only is this a pretty cool way of mixing things up ‘ye ole’ bucket list, but it’s a serious challenge (for me), & something I never thought I’d have the power to do. So I added the challenge to 2015. I would be going one year without soda.

The year started off great, with the exception of the occasional dream I’d have about accidentally drinking soda… Yeah these actually happened. My subconscious was asking me, Why did you do this? What happens if you forget that you made this goal & you accidentally drink soda? And when I would wake, I would laugh about it.

A few months in, while eating a pizza, I started officially craving soda. And then came football season… I had never noticed how much I drank soda at sporting events or while eating pizza. (And I eat a lot of pizza.) It was starting to get more difficult to not drink soda.

Now here I was in the last month. I was soooo proud of myself, & my boyfriend started talking about the cans of Surge (do you remember Surge?) that he would be opening to celebrate with me on New Years. We only had two weeks to go, & we found ourselves pulling up to the local Sonic for a hot dog dinner…. where I accidentally order a drink that happens to have 7-up in it & take a sip. (It’s called the Limeaide … how was I supposed to know?!!)

I spit it out, but I was really mad at myself… & somewhat upset (& kinda thinking about how I might have predicated my own future?) And after a brief little fit, I decided not to count it. (I did spit it out…)

So yeah.

Since then, I have gone one year without Cheetos & I’m currently working on a year without ice cream. (We will see…)

I guess what I’m getting at is that sometimes challenging yourself even in the smallest ways can really show you what you’re capable of that you never thought you could be. It also really shows you how your body reacts to certain things.

… This is the part where I tell you that in the year 2015, I did not have restless leg syndrome. NOT ONCE. It really opened my eyes to what sugar does to your body…

So try it. Add “Go One Year Without (Blank)” to your bucket list. What are you capable of?


PS. There is no way I’m going one year without any of my cousins!

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