“Not Me” ~ A Breakup Ballad

   There are days when a weight’s been lifted; when everything you’ve ever dreamed of can be seen somewhere off in the distance, just out of your reach, & it motivates you to push just that much further.

    I was shocked this week when my boyfriend and I were able to put together the first rough recording of my newly written song, “Not Me.” Shocked not only that it came together so quickly & so beautifully, but that it came together at all. I laughed hysterically; cried; & did my goofy happy dance.

    To everyone out there working toward that goal, I cannot stress enough how important baby steps are. Be determined, fight with everything you have, but remember to also always give your best & do what you can to break things up so that they don’t overwhelm you. One step at a time can make all the difference.

    It’s time to make all you’re dreams come true.

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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