No Strings Attached

Have you ever just wanted to live the simple life? Not accumulate much, live with just what you need, & be able to get up & go whenever you feel like it?

Before I left for Nashville, I could fit everything I owned under my twin bed. Although it’s about a foot off of the floor, I was proud of myself for selling a TON of my things in a yard sale so that I could fit my life into my little Honda Element. As odd as it sounds, it was liberating.

This lifestyle, you could say, is living with no strings attached & though I have no regrets for coming back home after 3 months, that’s one thing I miss.

At this moment, my grandparents continue to travel the world, no strings attached, in their RV. (My oh my am I jealous, but so proud.) And one day I hope to do the same. For it’s not about all of the items you can buy in this world, it’s about the places you can see & the adventures you can have along the way.

PS. You can follow their adventures too at

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