Nadine Woodward, News Anchor, KXLY News 4

I’m Nadine Woodward, News Anchor for KXLY’s Good Morning Northwest and News Radio 920.  I’ve been privileged to work in Spokane for 21 years and be involved in many great non-profits and organizations.  One of my greatest accomplishments is my work with the Crisis Pregnancy Center and the establishment of a maternity home in Spokane for unwed mothers.

Do you have a goal list? (On paper or in your head.) If so, what are a few of the goals, big or small, that you would like to accomplish?
Although i don’t have a formal list of goals, there are many things that are “top of mind” in my life.  After more than 20 years of reporting the news in Spokane, I’d like to be a position to implement change in the city I love.  So… at some point I plan to throw my hat into the political ring.

Where do you find your inspiration when you’re down or going through tough times?
Definitely, faith and family.  My faith lifts me up and my family keeps me grounded.

What motivates you to push yourself toward your goals?  
Life it short, and the older you get, the more you realize it.  If you want to accomplish your goals in this life, you’d better get working.

Besides providing excellent news reports for our community, what’s something you’ve done to Pay-It-Forward?
Sharing my testimony with others has actually saved lives, and that’s very humbling to me.  As a single, young woman, I ended a crisis pregnancy by abortion.  The consequences were devastating.   But, what the devil meant for evil, God turns into good.  That experience fueled my passion to help other women overcome their issues from abortion and open a maternity home so unwed mothers have a safe, nurturing environment when they choose life for their babies.

What’s a big risk you’ve taken & what was the outcome?
Actually, disclosing my abortion publically was a very big risk.  But, so much good has come from it, I’ve never looked back.

What’s something you love about being a public figure? Something you don’t like?
Being a public figure is like a double-edged sword.  It offers you opportunities you might not otherwise be afforded, but you’re also held to a different standard.   I’ve had to get used to living life in a fish-bowl environment.

Who is your hero & why? (This can include anyone.)  
My hero or person I’ve looked up to in my career is former Emmy award-winning ESPN and NBC Sportscaster, Gayle Gardner.  She broke through so many barriers in her career, one of them, becoming the first woman to do televised play-by-play baseball.  She was a huge inspiration to me while I was in college.    

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Definitely NOT in TV.

If you could make one wish right now, what would it be?
That every person on this earth could fulfill God’s purpose for their life. 

If you could motivate or inspire someone with one paragraph, what would you say?
The most important thing I can tell anyone, is to never give up hope.  When the world says, “Give up,” … hope whispers, “Give it one more try.”

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