My Mistake…

That skyscraper downtown. Have you ever wondered how many mistakes were made while trying to construct the first one? If no one had tried & failed at building them, we wouldn’t have them. And it’s the same thing with burgers, cars, scuba diving gear, microwaves, books… I could literally go on forever.

Lets compare that to the little risks you take, like blurting out thoughts to a friend without thinking. You apologize, explain how much you care, & do your best to move on. You’ve learned your lesson, you feel guilty, & you grow because there’s no sense in beating yourself up about something you cannot change.

It’s always amazed me how we spend our lives building something at the risk of it coming crashing down at a moments notice. We build it, we work on it constantly, we keep it up to full potential, & we occasionally make mistakes.

That’s really what the goal list is all about. Taking more risks, stepping out of our box, really experiencing things, MAKING MISTAKES, & learning valuable lessons every time.

Though it’s difficult to always remember we’re human, & that we will always be making mistakes, it’s important. A great majority of the people in this world are living in their pasts because of their mistakes. It’s time to grow up, take more risks, & start building again.

Dedicated to my best friend & the love of my life.


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