My Backward Bucket List & Pure Gratitude

What Is A ‘my Backward Bucket List’? It’s a list that celebrates everything that you are thankful for & proud of. It’s a list of what you already have, but would have put (or maybe did have?) on your bucket list prior to accomplishing it. And, with Thanksgiving days away, why not?

Below is my Backward Bucket List. For my original post, & for ideas on how to create your own, check out my post The Backward Bucket List & Truly Celebrating Thanksgiving.

[x] Have An Amazing Boyfriend
Not only can he handle me at my absolute worst, but Tim has taught me that complete & undeniable trust is a real thing. He’s given me more love than I could have ever hoped for in a lifetime, & we’ve only been together for 2.5 years. He’s given me confidence & encouragement, financial wisdom & determination. Thank you baby for everything. I love you so so much!

[x] Be Blessed With Incredible Parents
My parents divorced when I was 11, but they taught me not only about maturity, but also much respect as they stayed friends & allowed us to have several family dinners throughout our lives. This closeness does not go unappreciated, & I know it may have been hard (especially in the beginning). Thank you Mom & Dad for putting your differences aside for us kids. I know how rare it is.

[x] Grow More & More Thankful For Siblings
Let’s be honest, when you’re a kid they drive you crazy (& you them). But, as you grow older, they say, you grow to love them even more. Here’s to my two incredible brothers, & my numerous cousins who I’ve only ever considered more siblings. Thank you for making life so bright!

[x] Cherish Aunts & Uncles
I don’t think Aunts & Uncles get enough credit. They’ve loved us our entire lives, too & they’ve always been the ones that spoil us the most. Thank you for Aunts & Uncles!! I love you all. 🙂

[x] Know The Value Of A Grandparent
There is so much that we can learn from our Grandparents. They carry an incredible amount of wisdom & somehow always have a way of making us laugh. Here’s to all of the Grandparents out there who have loved us kids with all of their might. You are valued & you are loved!

[x] Know Who Your True Friends Are
How could my backward bucket list not include friends too? Though it’s an ongoing process, we will always come to find who our true friends are. They’re the ones who are there in moments of crisis even if you haven’t talked in months (or years). They’re the ones that choose not to make fun of you (but get weird with you) when you decide to have too much Zipfizz. They defend you when others put you down, & they let the little things go. Here’s to those who’ve been with me through thick & thin. You know who you are. <3 Thank you for everything.

[x] Have A Blog That Inspires Others
I’d like to believe that I’ve inspired others in some way with this website. It’s an ongoing thing that I will always be fighting for. Here’s to this website & all that it stands for. May you be inspired, may you be slightly weirded out, & may you inspire others!

[x] Be Undeniably Real & True
Something really simple to be proud of is the fact that, if I get extra change at the store or if someone drops their wallet, there is no chance that I would ever keep it. That is something that anyone should be proud of. I’m also not about to lie to someone who’s asking for real advice. Sometimes people just need to hear the hard truth. Lastly, I don’t go telling people I don’t like things that I do like. I enjoy Twilight!! I love chocolate & Cheetos.

[x] Remember That Life Is Short
This is a tough one, & I’m sure I forget at times (as everyone does). But, for the most part, I’m living my life remembering that life is short. Live it to the absolute fullest that you can.

[x] Always Pay It Forward
Complimenting others when I’m walking down the street has become a new habit, & picking up litter as I go is something I’ve been doing for some time. Paying it forward can be in the smallest things, & knowing that is all the difference.

[x] Have A Job I’m Proud Of
Sure, working from home, you’ll always have days where you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. But, you know what? I’m proud of my job & all that I’ve accomplished with it so far. It’s been an incredible learning process, & I’m always eager to learn more.

This certainly isn’t all, but it’s an ongoing project!


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