Moving Forward

    There’s a fine line between holding on to your past & moving forward. Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher the two. In order to learn from our past, we must remember it, but in remembering it, aren’t we also holding on to it to move forward? The answer is no.

    There are friends out there who I’ve had disagreements with who continue to be my friends – even after us getting to the point where we just need to be away from one another – but those good/growing relationships have caused me to assume that all people evolve, when really, not everyone changes. Not everyone grows up. In this illusion, I’ve found myself connecting with parts of my past, only to often find that the sting of drama is still there, anger is still there, & that many of them feel that I’m clinging to the past in search of a future.

    Just because you’d like to keep in touch with someone from the past doesn’t mean that you’re living in it. In fact, it’s just about the opposite. Being able to forgive someone for something that they did to hurt you is an unbelievable step forward, & feeling as though you could be kind, or even friendly, if you were to run into them on a random occasion in the future is even beyond that.

    All in all, don’t let someone beat you up for being kind enough to step forward. Not only are you showing forgiveness, but you’re showing how much you’ve grown & matured. Just because they can’t see how far you’ve come doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

    🙂 Congrats. You’ve officially stepped onto the high road.


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