More To Come

     There have been so many moments that I’ve been unsure, but the fog is, in fact, starting to lift. I can see my feet again & I am preparing to make some exciting decisions. 

     The downsides include difficult realizations; doors that have simply disappeared. But the upsides… well, let’s just say that I’m now able to weigh realistic options. No more running around aimlessly & no more trying to understand things that are simply unexplainable. 

     And while my blogs may have turned slightly into this mashed craziness that I would compare to the ramblings of Ozzy Osborn, I can now assure my readers that there is much much more to come. Now that it’s finally stopped raining, I think it’s about time to force the sun back out again. After all, it may be fall, but somehow a couple of my plants continue to bloom.

 Are you willing to go the distance?


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