Mom Taught Me: 18 Valuable Lessons

Moms are amazing. When in doubt, they fake it until they make it without you having the slightest idea and they always seem to know just when to step in or when to stay out of things. Even in the teenage moments when you are certain that you will never get over the fight you two just had, she surprises you. And somehow, later in life, you find yourself realizing exactly why that fight happened & it was so on you. Moms will fight to protect you, even if you’re the one fighting for a way out.

1. That her love is truly unconditional: It’s true what they say – even if you do the unimaginable (or perhaps she does the unimaginable), your mother will never stop loving you. It all happens the day you are born.

2. That it’s perfectly fine to have your mom as your best friend: My Mom is my best friend. I used to find this pathetic, but you know what? It’s actually one of the coolest things; something that I am incredibly proud of now. I can tell her anything & I know she will always give me a straight answer.

3. That she’s continuously proud of me: One of the most wonderful things you can hear from any family member is that they are proud of you.

4. That marriage does not equal happily ever after: At the age of 17, I was certain that I was ready to get married. (What I didn’t know was that I really just wanted to see what would happen…) My Mom was so good at explaining that marriage – in no way – equals happily ever after. It takes work.

5. That code words & moments of silence will save your life: My parents always told us to call if we’d ever had too much to drink & they would come to get us – no questions. But what if I didn’t want to drink? What if I needed out of a situation before it got crazy? My Mom was on it. One call to her with moments of silence & I knew that she would help me out – ask all of the right questions so that I didn’t have to tell my friends that I was scared. She would take the rap every time.

6. That everyone makes mistakes: I was certain that the popular girls in school were perfect. They didn’t need a mirror to put their hair in the perfect pigtail, but that was no match for what my Mom had to say. Before high school was half over, I was well aware that there was something more out there for me than just reminiscing about high school.

7. How to dress for work: I was so lucky to have a Mom who taught me how to dress for work. I’m amazed at how few people know that wearing pants instead of jeans can be the only thing keeping you from an interview – or a job altogether.

8. How to wiggle out of peer pressure: There are very few instances where I was asked if I wanted to do drugs, but in the moments where I was pressured, my Mom had already given me excuse options. My most favorite? “No thanks – I’m a singer. I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to my lungs & the sound of my voice.” Worked. Every. Time.

9. That children grow with parents – & vise versa: Growing up, I truly didn’t have any thoughts about how much my parents were learning from me & my little brothers; not one single clue – but they learn so much! To this day, there are moments when my Mom tells me about how one of my brothers or I inspired her to act on something in her life.

10. How to handle myself in an interview: There was never a question I couldn’t ask my Mom. She never had any judgment, but I was especially happy when she helped me with interview questions. Not to toot my own horn, but I could nail an interview in my sleep. It’s all because of her.

11. That it’s never too late to go after your dreams: This one says it all. There is so much that my Mom does to inspire me, but fighting for her dreams is the biggest. Watching her buy her own house in 2010 was one of the most amazing moments. I cannot tell you how proud I am of my Mom.

12. That Facebook (& Twitter, & LinkedIn, Etc.) is a completely public billboard: Employers can see your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Even if you’re blocked, there are ways around it. The internet is crawling with little loop holes. Watch yourself. If you’re looking to get hired by the right company, consider what your public image is. You may be seriously kicking yourself in the ass.

13. How to be classy: My Mom has always held herself in a way that I admire. She’s classy. What an amazing example she is to not only me, but all of the other women in this world.

14. How to recover in the moments when you’re not classy: Oh my God, I cannot tell you how many embarrassing moments I’ve shared with my Mom, but it’s amazing at how quick she is to make me feel better. And, with all of it, she was right. People forget. People move on. And for the few who don’t… you can only feel bad for them.

15. That you’re always learning no matter what your age: As a child, I think that nearly every child believes that their parents are super heroes. This was no different for me, either. It wasn’t until I got older that I realized my parents had made mistakes, & this realization had me feeling better about who I was. They make mistakes, I make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. Okay, cool, now I can go on…

16. That, no matter what you want to be, now is the time to jump on it: Don’t hesitate, or you may just regret. They have several stories, but I think my favorite is the one where my parents chose not to buy a house near the beach for $80,000… & now that property is valued at over $1 million. Ouch… I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

17. That most times, finding your way means making mistakes first: With any new job that you have, you WILL make mistakes. It’s inevitable. This was truly difficult for me, because I’m such a perfectionist. I could beat myself silly after each & every mistake, right? But, how much time am I wasting? Learn & move on. It’s all you can do.

18. That nothing is final: You’re never stuck; there is always another option. And, if you don’t believe it’s true, stop to think about it. You could leave right now. Pack up all of your things & hitchhike to Alaska. What’s stopping you? Yep. Right there… You are the only thing keeping you from your dreams.

Here’s to all of the Moms around the world on your special day – & to my Mom who I love more than anything in this world. You’re the best Mom a girl could have & I cannot imagine what my life would be like now if I’d not had your guidance. I love you Mom!