Meet Kelly Clarkson

Many of you may have heard that I recently got involved with the Kelly Clarkson Fan Club/ rewards center on her website. For a few months, I was on her site nearly every day: watching videos, posting comments, playing music, etc so that I might get the chance to meet her or get front row tickets.

It was a battle until the very end. Staying up pretty late and hitting the refresh button over and over, having internet troubles every now and then… and being pretty upset last night when I found out I wasn’t going to meet her during her Seattle concert like I’d hoped.

I read through a few peoples’ comments on her website about how ‘unfair’ everything was, how they didn’t feel that they were giving everyone a fair chance. And out of all of the excuses, there wasn’t one that said: Wow. That was a rush. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I’m going to keep my points and prepare for next time.

I can understand people being upset about not getting to meet their all-time idol – trust me – but that’s no reason to freak out at her managing staff. We should be thankful we get to go to the concerts – thankful we’ve been given a free opportunity to meet someone so meaningful to us… because, believe it or not, some people don’t get opportunities like that. Most fan sites are ones you can only pay for, and even then you’re not guaranteed a meet & greet. All I could think about, even as disappointed as I was, is how cool is it that I’m getting to go to my 3rd Kelly Clarkson concert? I’m so lucky.

People have said it time and time again – and they’re right: When something gets you down think about everything that you’re thankful for. There’s always something to be thankful for. Stop being negative and think positive.


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