Meet Kelly Clarkson

   For many, meeting a celebrity is a big deal. In our eyes, they really are the characters they play on television; the flawless people they portray in makeup commercials; or the ones who look as though they have it all figured out… they’re perfect.

    I’m aware that no one is perfect, this includes any & all celebrities, but meeting Kelly Clarkson was one of the most important goals on my list.

    It was back in 2002 that Kelly Clarkson first began her American Idol adventure. – Not only did following her adventure & voting for her all the way inspire me to want to become a singer, it also allowed me to really understand that we’re all human. – Suddenly I was good enough.

    While Kelly was competing for her career, I was staring in the middle school talent show, & she was one of the main people helping me grow my wings. So when I discovered her free fan club, I couldn’t resist but join & begin earning points.

    I was disappointed in March when I went to enter the contest to meet her & missed out on the chance, but soon discovered she’d be returning to the Inland Northwest… so I tried again & this time was it. I was going to meet Kelly Clarkson.

    My boyfriend kept reminding me that she’s only human, but I was already aware. The reason why I cried, screamed, & jumped up & down for a month straight was because she is my idol. She is the one person that I would want to meet of any other – & it had nothing to do with her being a celebrity & everything to do with the fact that she’d accomplished her greatest dreams… which are very similar to mine. And while I didn’t ask for advice, I was able to walk in there & tell her just how important her experience was to me… & she was  so real & kind & everything you’d ever imagine your idol to be; a complete inspiration.

    … And in the moments when I’m struggling, I’ll think about all of the times she’s confessed that she had wanted to quit… & I’ll keep moving forward.

    This is a big thanks to Kelly Clarkson for all of the inspiration you’ve given me, & so many others. It’s time that we pursue our dreams with everything we have… & to remember that no one has the power to take our dreams away from us, except ourselves.

Are you willing to go the distance?
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