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My name is Lois Barth, and I’m a Speaker, Coach and Trainer. I use humor and science to help groups and individuals outwit their obstacles, and thrive both personally and professionally. My goal is to expand my work in the empowerment area, especially for women, as it speaks to leadership, owning one’s power, and really enjoying one’s quality of their life.

I plan to write several books, and am in the process of pitching my own interactive network talk show, that to date, has never been done in this format before.

What did you want to be ‘when you grow up’? Is this something you are still looking to accomplish or have your passions changed since you were a kid?

When I was growing up, I always saw myself alone on stage, addressing a large audience, and having people come away uplifted and entertained. For a while, I manifested that vision by being an actress, comedienne, stand-up comic, storyteller and arts educator. I realized more and more that I equally interested in the educational or transformative piece as well as entertainment piece. Therefore, I transitioned into my work as a speaker, coach and trainer. One of the popular terms for what I do is edu-tainment.

Do you enjoy your current line of work? How did you get where you are today in your career?

I do. I really love learning new things every day, and using my passion of personal growth and professional development to help my clients and groups that I speak to and work with. Nothing makes me happier as when I see my client’s and groups lives open up in new and imaginative ways that they only dreamt of. Truly inspiring. Nothing excites me more than the realization of one’s human potential, and conversely, nothing breaks my heart more than someone not realizing their potential out of fear or self-limiting beliefs. I also believe that “potential” doesn’t have to be big, or lofty. One can honor their potential by simply learning to open their heart to themselves and others, while someone else may be jazzed up by starting a non-profit, or launching their acting career.

As I mentioned, I started off my career in the healing arts (massage therapist, health lecturer, and Reiki practitioner) and a performing artist (see above), and I wanted to merge the two, and what I’m doing now, is exactly that.

How do you motivate others to take control of their lives? Does motivating others motivate you?

I never see “control” as a goal, in fact, I think control is overrated and the ultimate illusion.

However, what I do believe in, is that everyone at every moment has a choice. A choice to take or not take certain actions, but also choose the attitudes and reactions to their lives. That’s the crux of the work I do with people. To support them in embracing the lessons that show up in their lives, and learn from those lessons and use them to move their lives in a direction that really delights and engages them. I also am fascinated by the complexity of how humans grow, and I often am bringing those principles, tools and sometimes tips on how to do that. Lastly, I think the biggest gift someone can give themselves is to really have compassion and self-love while still really being honest with one’s self. People are often afraid to look at themselves, their goals or their dreams. They are afraid that they won’t happen, or people will laugh, or they’ll criticize themselves if their dreams don’t happen.

I work with really smart and successful people who are often really hard on themselves in a way that doesn’t support them. While I believe in the pursuit of excellence, perfectionism is a real deterrent towards joy, growth and learning.

My hope is that I provide support that my clients can be compassionate with themselves while still playing full out. On a logistical level, we really break down one’s goals and dreams into bite size pieces so they seem more possible.

Transition is really confronting for people.

I am motivated daily by motivating others. My clients and groups continue to inspire, teach, and motivate me. I say to my clients, “I teach what I need to learn.” I believe that is the truth for most helping professionals.

Tell us about an experience (good or bad) that’s changed your life dramatically, how has this made you the person you are today?

I have had three challenges in my life, that by overcoming, have shaped me to be the person I am today. One was overcoming a really serious eating disorder in my teens all the way through my 20’s. While I’d still like to let go of the famous last 15, I’ve maintained a 30 pound weight loss for over two decades, and basically have a self-accepting viewpoint of my body.

Secondly, I had a string of really unhealthy and bizarre relationships along with dating “episodes.” Thank God for my sense of humor, and ability to see that I was the common denominator. Out of that perspective, I developed a one woman show, “1,001 Dates from Hell..And the Woman Who Lived Through Them,” which unfortunately was autobiographical. Not only was it cathartic, and really creative putting it together, but audience members came away with new perspectives on how to empower themselves around relationships. I’m a life-long learner, and always reflect on what my life is teaching me. I know have been with my life partner, Charlie, for 10 years.

Lastly, I was challenged with writer’s block and stage fright, for years, stopping me from my creativity and my work as an artist. I worked through my own self-criticism and went on to writing and performing four one-woman shows,  stand-up comedy, and storytelling; some times performing for audiences as large as 1,000 people.

You pay it forward on a weekly basis by motivating others. What’s been one of your most favorite places to speak and why?

I loved speaking at Society of Women Engineers at Smith College. The audiences were mostly filled with young women who were entering the field of engineering. I saw a sea of young faces, ready to totally take off in their lives. We had so much fun! They shared, they danced (sometimes I integrate belly dancing moves into my presentations) we laughed, and they learned.

I attended the entire conference (something I almost always do, so I can connect with participants and really get to know them better), and I was so moved by so many of them sharing their dreams, their fears, and most importantly, a few tools or guiding principles that they took from my presentation that they will integrate into their lives.

Who is someone you really look up to and why? How has this person impacted your life?

There are so many. I’ve had so many, as my friend Aliana says, “Army of Angels,” that I feel like I have my own personal development army. My dear friend’s Aliana and Peggy are veteran trainers and speakers, and I often brainstorm and council with them. They are both such powerhouses in such a charming and non-confrontational manner. They have such integrity, and they’re incredibly honest and direct, so they immediately gain their client’s trust.

My friend Tori is my weekly accountability buddy who is so supportive and let’s me know I have to Lois-ize my writing, when it loses my unique voice.

My mentor Bob, is so generous and so smart and so helpful in the development of my business. Craig, my website/SEO “Neo,” as I call him, has helped to demystify the internet part of my business.

Lori, my sister, is 8 years older than me, and taught me about social consciousness at a very early age, and how important it was for a woman to be empowered. My friend Vicky’s capacity to be there as a friend, even in the background of her own relentless challenges, leaves me slack-jawed on a regular basis. And my sweetheart, Charlie, is such a stabilizing force for me, when life presents their ups and downs.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? How do you plan on getting there?

My own talk show, having two very successful books in the market place, and building up my speaking business to the next level.

Really just doing what I’m doing, and “firing myself regularly” by focusing on using my time on activities that support my goals and dreams and letting my “dream team,” do the rest.

What else would you like to share with 2147Miles.com?

I’m really honored to be selected for this profile.

I say, “Shift Happens, but only if you Happen to Know How to Shift.”

Lois Barth

Motivational Speaker, Coach, Trainer

“Shift Your Perspective, Shift Your Life”

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