Life Is Short, Live It To The Fullest

My cousin Kari & I (1996)

    When I was little & my parents would send me to bed before I was ready, I would turn out the lights & start ‘cleaning’ my bedroom.

    I can still remember how difficult it was moving all of that furniture so quietly around my room. Oh – wait – I haven’t yet told you that my definition of cleaning my bedroom at the time was piling every object that I had on to my bed, moving all of the furniture around, & then arranging everything back in it’s place – including 30+ stuffed animals that needed to be placed in height order on my bed… only to be removed again when I finally got tired.

    Even at that age I was constantly reorganizing, always trying to keep everything new, fresh & exciting.

    Although I no longer do this while cleaning my bedroom, this little habit finds it’s way into my life every now & then. Definitive decisions are made when I’m angry, but confident & they are made in bulk. When I know a change is needed in my life, I make it & if that doesn’t work I make another & another until I’m happy.

    Somehow, not only has this habit come through for me on several occasions, but it’s taught me that changes are not the end of the world. Changes are actually an incredibly therapeutic breath of fresh air.

    It’s time to make changes – big or small – in your life, not only to realize that changes are not the end of the world, but to allow yourself to take risks. Live live without regrets. Fight for what you’ve always dreamed of.

Are you willing to go the distance?

… This post is dedicated to my cousin Kari Reed. Kari – we miss & love you so much! Thank you for those fun childhood memories of ice skating, flinging shoes off from the swing set & rolling down hills in cardboard boxes.

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