Lessons Learned

   There are so many things we’ve learned over the past year or so; whether big or small, we’ve grown in more ways than some of us may even realize. We learn from experience; teaching ourselves things or having others teach us instead, but my absolute favorites are the lessons we learn from others without them even knowing it.

    While I’m thankful for the lessons learned when watching others, I’m actually talking about the accidental lessons we learn when someone has hurt us badly, & on purpose. Somehow, knowing that pain will lead to a new lesson, a new me, makes it a little more bearable for me.

    As the lessons & experiences continue, whether good or bad, it’s so important to not only remember them, but possibly even to document them; to remember how this lesson changed you for the good. With that positive note, no matter how spiteful someone might get, you have something to look forward to. No matter how spiteful someone might get, you’ve already won & can move forward.

    This blog is dedicated to several people I know, as well as myself; dedicated to the bullies & the bullied. Now is the time to change if you don’t like who you see; now is the time to embrace who you’ve become, & look forward to who you’re becoming.

Song of Inspiration: Lessons Learned, Carrie Underwood

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