Learn To Ski

Prior to 2010, I had very little interest in learning to ski. It wasn’t something I was worried about or afraid to do, I just never had any interest in it. After a friend of mine talked me into learning, I set the goal and bought a great learning pass at a local ski hill for three lessons, three rentals, and three lift tickets.

My first trip up to the mountain was incredibly scary for me. With three friends who knew how to ski and a story my Grandma had told me about her first time skiing – her ending up in the parking lot with sparks flying behind her – I was scared to death of embarrassing myself. Luckily, I had a lesson on the bunny hill to back me up.

Following my one hour of instruction, my friends took me up the mountain. I was quick to fall face-first off of the ski lift, but incredibly slow to head down the hill they chose for my first attempt. I was so embarrassed and, quite frankly, a little peeved that they would take me down a hill that was not marked “Beginner”. I was also incredibly exhausted – skiing is a pretty good workout.

Needless to say, this is the first bucket list item where I actually promised myself I was not going back. Skiing simply wasn’t cut out for me… or maybe I wasn’t cut out for it. Regardless, I was done.

HOLD ON! I may have been angry, but I wasn’t about to let it get the best of me. Once I got over my upset, I went back. I learned how to ski and I stopped taking things so seriously!! Who cares if I’m embarrassed in front of other people – who freaking cares that I did a yard sale on a beginner hill and a little kid (about 2′ high) tried helping me up. WHO CARES! And you know what?! I love skiing. I truly love skiing!

Following this goal, I set out to Ski Sun Valley, Idaho and ride a Black Diamond! I would highly recommend skiing to anyone – and tell them to relax while doing it. And if you do freak out, don’t let that control you. Take it as a challenge.

Thank you to my three friends who helped me through this – you know who you are! And thank you for not letting my perfectionism irritate you too much.

Are you willing to got the distance?


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