Kill Them With Kindness…

We all have thoughts similar to the one I caught myself thinking yesterday: If they aren’t going to be nice to me, I’m not going to be nice to them. – What’s that about?

The funniest part about these thoughts are that they are not rare at all. Every day we’ll have thoughts like these & sometimes we aren’t even aware.

After I caught myself thinking this, I began to think differently about everything. What if my thoughts were more like this: If they aren’t going to be nice to me, I’m going to kill them with kindness.

With that in mind, I couldn’t help but begin to list the things that this thought could change:

  1. If you were thinking this thought instead, it would mean you have a better outlook on life.
  2. You’d realize, without feeling cheesy, that you are the better person in this situation.
  3. The negative person might regret their actions & begin to wonder how their actions could change in a positive way.
  4. This thought could slowly turn into a pay-it-forward situation, as your being nice to this one person could change their whole day, hopefully leading them towards positive interactions with others later that day.
  5. You would catch yourself at negative moments more often, & slowly become an even better person.

After these thoughts subsided, I slowly pulled forward in the drive through at Wendy’s, ready to be as kind as possible to the lady at the window. 🙂 Muahahahahaha!


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