Kelly Clarkson


    You know those dreams we all have that we don’t want to wake up from? The rare ones that we would live within if we could? That’s the only possible way I could describe yesterday.

    Yesterday I met my idol. Not just the first American Idol, but my Idol. This is someone I’ve looked up to since middle school; someone I voted for religiously on the television show that made her famous; someone who has inspired me time & time again to keep trying, just by being who she is. Yesterday I met Kelly Clarkson.

    So there I was standing in front of the person I look up to most in this world. I’m still, currently, at a loss for words. I mean, what do you say to someone who means so much to you, someone who doesn’t even know your name & couldn’t possibly remember it tomorrow?

    I said thank you. I told her that I’ve been following her from the beginning. And somewhere in there I managed to remember my name. The fact that I’m a singer didn’t matter any longer. I guess I just needed her to know how much meeting her meant. So many people don’t get opportunities like the one I was given yesterday. I’m so very lucky & so unbelievably thankful.

    I guess the moral of it is that it’s amazing how someone who doesn’t know you can change your world so quickly. And not just by meeting them, but by their music, their actions, etc.    So this is my big thank you to Kelly Clarkson. Thank you for inspiring me with your music, your interviews, & your awesome personality. It’s celebrities like you that are going to change the world in ways we could’ve only dreamed about. And that’s exactly the type of celebrity that IAre you willing to go the distance?


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