Kayla Itsines: My Plan For Action

I know so many who have a fitness plan of some kind on their bucket list. They want to be more toned, more fit or simply more active. Here is my plan for action, & why I think you might enjoy it as much as I have this past month. It’s called Kayla Itsines.

There are so many things that I enjoy in this life. SO FREAKIN’ MANY… but working out is not one of them. I’m constantly hot & cold. Maybe I’ll run today, okay maybe not. I’ll join this gym. I’ll do this health plan. Maybe this one because today I want to figure out how to eat chocolate without technically cheating. And I know that not everyone can relate… but I want everyone to know about Kayla Itsines.

I discovered this program on Pinterest one day. Kayla Itsines is a program designed by a young Australian woman who wants to help others to keep active & healthy. The program is all through her mobile app & it puts you through a several-week process where she lays out fitness & food plans. She offers a free week, but monthly the program is about $20.

Kayla Itsines is not paying me to say this. (I actually asked if they would go into an agreement with me for a free monthly plan, but unfortunately they said no.) This is actually me saying, just try it, & it’s all to benefit Y.O.U.

While this program can still be a struggle (as any fitness program is in my book), it allows you to work out anywhere & everywhere. All of the plans are at home, with maybe the occasional weight to assist. And, if you feel as though you need to repeat a week or jump ahead, the app allows you to select your level personally.

So, if you have the goal just like mine… ‘Feel Amazing In A Bikini’, check this out. The result photos are incredible & I don’t feel like the program has too many women looking a little more masculine than they should. It’s all about being toned & feeling confident. And this is what I’ll be working on in the upcoming weeks. Wish me luck, & if you try it, let me know what you think!

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