Just Keep Swimming

    Life’s moments come in waves; one minute you’ll be sitting in the light, low rolls of the ocean & suddenly you’ll find yourself rolling over with the big ones. We all know they’re coming, right? 

    So now, in the moments when the tide is down, it’s important that we start preparing for opportunity; it’s time we get ready for the great that is about to come; it’s time to be the best that we can be. And after you’re finally prepared? You’ll wonder why you were sitting on the shore at all & begin paddling toward that sunset.

   This goes without saying that many of us may find ourselves floating on our backs & needing to rest; without saying that many of us will begin to wonder if all of the work is really worth it; without saying that many will turn back looking for familiarity & ultimately comfort. 

     This is how we weed out the great.

    Isn’t it funny that ‘Finding Nemo’ houses such a big message?

    … Just keep swimming…

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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