Just Do…

With Sugarland’s ‘Baby Girl’ playing on the radio, I sit in a store in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee… Doing everything in my power to remember what I came here to do.

Yes, what they say is true, you can move far, far away from everything you’ve ever known and still somehow push on. And, even possibly have a few things fall into your lap.

So here I sit… And though I have moments of complete panic, there are moments of complete content… And even moments of pure joy. It’s truly amazing how proud of yourself you can be when you find yourself fighting for everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Every day, I miss my old life… I miss the pine trees, the lakes, knowing what I was doing… but I especially miss all of the people. 🙂 What’s also true is that absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Alright – now’s the time for your next big challenge. Sunday is the end of daylight savings time… Spend that extra hour creating a goal list for yourself. Don’t set time limits… Don’t call them New Year’s Resolutions… Just write… And then, Just do.

Until Next Time,

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