Jump Off The Vegas Stratosphere

It’s Throwback Thursday people, & I’m talking all about the Las Vegas Stratosphere jump! And, like many of the daring things that I’ve done, it all happened last minute & on a whim.

My Dad & step Mom got married a few years back in Las Vegas on Super Bowl weekend. So, in 2014, when they asked me if I wanted to join them with a close friend of mine (Hi Brittany!), we were like, HELL YEAH.

Brittany spent our time in Vegas the ‘boring’ way. We toured each hotel, took pictures with sexy man models & gambled less than $5.00 each. And, when Dad offered to send us to a Shania Twain concert, we once again said HELL YEAH. — Sadly, though, someone else had other plans. Shania came down with a cold & Dad had an alternative plan that involved his only daughter jumping off a building that is twice the size of the Seattle Space Needle.

Now, I’m not going to lie, I’m all over these kinds of things. I love doing fun, bucket-listy, over-the-top, “crazy” things. (See my post on the Polar Bear Plunge.) But, this was kind of scary. Not only had I never even been to the Stratosphere, but ongoing nightmares of falling off of buildings have plagued my dreams since I was a child. I was afraid to fall.Maybe it was the fact that, once I was at the top looking down, I didn’t have the option to back out; maybe it was the camera attached to my wrist – either way, I was SOMEHOW able to let go & free fall on my very own.

See HERE for the video of the jump. (PS: Surprise! My real name is Amanda.)What are you waiting for? Take that leap!