Jealousy has a way of catching us quickly. We’re afraid, uncertain, & suspicious… bad ‘What If’ situations are flashing through our thoughts… the minutes go by slowly… & it could all be for nothing.
These thoughts can turn us into people we’ve never wanted to be, & we often blame it on the person causing us to worry.

Well, what if this worry is just us? What if there’s absolutely nothing to worry about at all?
*Don’t get me wrong, there are often times when someone should go with their gut… moments when you need to separate yourself from a person who keeps betraying you… but there are also times when we need to stop & ask ourselves what it is we’re really worrying about.

Are we ruining this moment for ourselves? A moment we will never get back with someone we car about?
Maybe he is texting another girl while he’s with you. The important part is that he’s with YOU. Maybe he is friends with a hot red head. The important part is that he calls YOU his girlfriend.

There are many other situations, far more complicated than the ones I’ve described – Many situations that should not be handled lightly. But, if it’s something small, stop & think about your actions & how they will make the other person feel first. If there’s nothing to worry about, you could possibly ruin something wonderful.

Stay calm, talk to them, maybe bring up how you’re a bit jealous & let them reassure you.
Live life to the fullest, with no regrets. Enjoy the time that you have now & only look back on the good memories… thus, be happy.


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