“…It’s The Journey That Matters, In The End.”

Ursula K. LeGuin once said, “It’s good to have an end to journey toward; but it’s the journey that matters, in the end.”

This quote, a new personal favorite of mine, had me really thinking about the risks/adventures that we take. We set goals, we fight to accomplish them, & once accomplished, we sit back & laugh about some of the struggles we fought through to get here.

These memories, although tough at the time, carry us through to our next big goal… whether we realize it or not.

Take for example, a trip to Salt Lake City for American Idol Auditions. My mother & I spent our nights at a campground in a tent, where the temperature never dropped below 70 degrees. A search for the beach was easy, but we found ourselves walking through a smelly mush that burned our feet. And for our last night, we found ourselves in a Walmart Parking lot, watching a security guard wind his car around & around & around the lot because he was bored.

Though I did not make it on American Idol, this trip taught me so much about myself, my mother, & taking risks. Without this adventure, neither of us would’ve taken our next road trip to Nashville, TN. And without that, I may have never taken the risk to move to Nashville for the short time that I did.

When we take risks & work through difficult times, it makes us stronger. These memories, the tough ones especially, are reminders to keep moving forward. Now, we’re able to tell ourselves that one day we will look back & laugh about what just happened.

What’s a big accomplishment you’ve made? What parts do you remember most?
Leave me a comment & let me know, even if you’d like to remain anonymous.


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