It’s All Over…

Each of us have experienced the amazing feeling you get when something that’s been weighing us down is finally lifted off of our shoulders. We’re so thankful for life, & ready to live it to the fullest. It’s All Over… I can finally breathe!

I then realize, that that feeling is what I’ve been chasing this whole past year. 🙂

Oh what I wouldn’t give for this feeling all of the time. Once again, after another weight is lifed off of my shoulders, I find myself completely motivated… & have been literally all day long! So what is it about that big weight that pushes us so much closer to accomplishing other things?

Our goals & dreams are all weighing on our shoulders, each in their own weight category. The sad part is that the weight is at it’s heaviest when others are relying on us… but what about when we are just relying on ourselves?

Don’t forget about you.


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