In The Dumps? Up The Dazzle!

    Sometimes you just have a down day. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to: Unknown frustration, severe laziness, the rare pessimistic attitude, sleepiness, the need for serious attention… I’d like to prescribe the following recipe for amazingness:

1. Take A Bath or Shower: Getting clean can really help you think clearly.

2. A Self Semi-Makeover: A face mask, teeth whitener, foot scrub, etc. Never done one? Check out Pinterest for great ideas! (Ex: Be sure to check out the nutmeg mask. It’s fabulous.)

3. Good Tunes: Pick a mellow mix, but not a depressing one. (Ex: Keep Holdin’ On – Avril.)

4. Great Movie or Book: Or, instead of music, put in a good movie. I would recommend Made of Honor or Sweet Home Alabama. 🙂 Thank you Patrick Dempsy. OR The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

5. Chocolate… Duh: Don’t over-do it though. You don’t want to be feeling guilty and in the same mood tomorrow.

6. A Workout: I know… it sounds so GRUELING right now… but you’ll absolutely love yourself after.

7. Switch Things Up: Get out of your routine! Part your hair on a different side, check out some new music or stores, read a book you wouldn’t have normally chosen. It’s in my opinion that 80% of change is good; it either reminds us to be happy with what we have or tells us to start opening up a little.

8. Get Your Drink: NO! Not Alcohol. Coffee? Zip Fizz? Boost some of your energy.

9. Set A Lunch Date… If you have a moment: There’s nothing like really getting rid of the laziness when you meet a good friend for lunch.

10. Give Your Car (or room, or backpack, or purse…) A Makeover: Rearrange things real quick, put the “Umph!” back into your life by getting things organized and starting with a clean slate.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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