If You Want Something Bad Enough…

There are times when motivation is hard to come by, especially when we’re expecting instant results. Why should we have to take core classes, like math, if our major has nothing to do with them? I wish I had the answer to that question, but every time the thought pops into my head, I’m constantly pushing it away with another question: How bad do I want this?

At one point or another, we may be a little too hard on ourselves: Living in the past & beating ourselves up for the things we should or shouldn’t have done. None of that matters now, & subconsciously we know that these thoughts of the past are just a waste of the present.

So what now? How do we wake up & face our fears again? How do we decide what we want to do when everything we’ve been working toward is not what we wanted it to be? We find what inspired us in the first place; We figure out what we really want, more than anything in this world; We get brave; We stop worrying; & We jump.

We all change our mind, we take different paths than what we expected every day. This does not mean that we shouldn’t set the bar high, & it certainly doesn’t mean that settling is the answer. Yes, there will be things that we will have to let go of, but there are also things that we don’t have to let go of: Things that we owe ourselves, Things that are worth fighting for, Things that make us who we are. We just need to decide what’s worth letting go of & what’s worth going after.

If you’re unhappy with the path that you’re on – change it. Who cares what others think or say, who cares how old you are, how many times you’ve tried & ‘failed’ or what the odds are. If you want something bad enough, all of those things are irrelevant. You are the only obstacle standing in the way of your greatest dreams.


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