If We Let Them…

Bad moments can turn into bad days… if we let them. We have a fight with a friend, a bad day at work, get stuck in traffic and we let it eat at us until it becomes our entire existence.

We’re constantly asking ourselves, What am I doing wrong? Why is everything caving in? But what we really should be thinking about is what we can do to make things better now. Maybe by not holding a grudge with our friend and being the first person to step forward and compromise, maybe taking classes on how to be better at our jobs or looking for another, or finding a relaxing CD for those tough traffic jams.

Yes, we have our memories for a reason, but they are not meant for dwelling on things. We are supposed to learn from them, use the good memories to push us forward when it seems as though there’s nothing else.

So when a bad day comes along, face it head-on, be proactive, and maybe even pay it forward.


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