If We Didn’t Try, We Would Never Know…

It happens to us all. One day the walls close in completely, everything comes crashing in on us, & we don’t know why. We did everything we could to keep this moment from happening but, for whatever reason, it happened anyways. We are left with this cold & empty feeling, listening to sad music, & dwelling on every good memory that we have.

We will focus on the memories most, but it’s important to remember what just happened & why. We can’t keep staring out the window or glancing at our phone waiting for someone to rescue us or tell us everything’s going to be okay, because the odds of that happening are very slim. We must learn from our mistakes & the mistakes of others, be strong, & keep going… no matter how impossible that may seem.

The most difficult part, for some, will be the dreams they had of the future, the dreams that were shattered the moment it all fell apart. Though it felt like those dreams were the glue holding our world together, we now realize that wasn’t the case. Those dreams were the foundation, & that foundation is all that remains.

We can’t let those dreams haunt us, but we can remember them & what we are fighting for. We can’t be upset that we’re starting at the beginning again, we can’t be afraid that it might come crashing in again, all we can do is keep going & telling ourselves that, if we didn’t try, we would never know.


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