I Want, I Want, I Want: The Childhood Bucket List

As a child, there were so many things that we may have wanted to do or have that we simply couldn’t. Maybe it wasn’t just that our parents couldn’t afford many of these things, but maybe it was also about our safety or something, & blah blah. Here is a childhood bucket list for those of you who want to experience a little bit of your childhood now that you are a few years older.

Or maybe I can just live vicariously through my beautiful little niece?

1. Own A Trampoline
2. NOT Eat Something I Don’t Like
3. Skip School (Errr Work…)
4. Stay Up Passed Midnight
5. Buy School Supplies Year-Round (Oh… is this just me?)
6. Write On, Paint &/Or Put Holes In The Walls
7. Have A Pen Pal
8. Play In The Mud… & Not Get Hosed Down Outside
9. Believe In Magic
10. Eat Cereal For Dinner (BIG one for my Childhood Bucket List!)
11. Re-Watch Your Favorite Disney Movies… & Notice The Adult Humor
12. Own A Pool
13. Ride A Rollercoaster
14. Eat Ice Cream For Dinner
15. Get A Puppy
16. Build A Doll House
17. Crank The Music Up LOUD
18. Don’t Hesitate To Make A New Friend
19. Go On A Small Birthday Shopping Spree (Thank you Mom, Dad, Grandma & Grandpa!)
Have fun being a kid again!