How To Sight A Lightening Bug

Living in the beautiful Inland Northwest is incredibly rewarding in so many ways, but I must say it’s sad to know that I will never see a lightening bug in my yard or watch children try to catch them in the park. While we do have ‘lightening bugs’ they are, for some reason, unable to produce light here. So, for those of you looking to catch your first glimpse, I’ve provided just a few details below about how you can experience your first lightening bug sighting!

1. Visit a state east of Kansas: This is firefly territory

2. Go during a time with warm temperatures and a great amount of humidity.

3. Take time to be around wooded areas: They love the trees!

4. Be patient: Sometimes they come when you least expect them.

This first ever spur-of-the-moment goal of mine was accomplished back in 2009 after my first visit to Nashville, Tennessee. As my mother and I made our way through the grounds of the Opryland Hotel, we began seeing random little flashes of light. It was dusk and at first I was certain that the lights were fake – someone had to be playing a trick on us because it was too unreal. I almost instantly flashed back to my 5th grade visit to Disneyland.
Upon closer review, these lights were in fact lightening bugs – bugs that I’d never seen after spending my entire life living in the Inland Northwest. The summer warmth and humidity allowed for such an incredibly beautiful – and unreal – experience.

I know that some do not understand this experience; for some have seen fireflies their entire lives, but for me and my mom this was the ultimate vacation, with the cherry on top being those beautiful bugs. I will cherish every moment of that vacation, but that moment the most… and it was free.
For anyone looking for a fun, light-hearted experience, I would definitely recommend adding this one to your bucket list. There aren’t enough words for how it made me feel.

Are you willing to go the distance?