How To Bucket List: Creating Your Very Own Recipe For Life

Now, there’s no set criteria for starting your own bucket list. I started mine with a notebook & a pen in a moment of confusion; others have started theirs in hopes of finding more meaning out of their life. Some have started their list because they know it’s a key to success & they are working toward being successful. Regardless, it’s an art project all your own. But, if you’re looking for more help than that, I’ve provided a few questions below that might help you on your way.

1. What Is Your Ultimate Dream?
I’m NOT asking you what your backup plan is. What is your ultimate amazing plan? Whatever it is, write it down. Anything is possible, & your biggest dream is a very important one.

2. How Do You Plan To Get There?
Now, make a few goals (or many) that would be stepping stones toward this goal. For example, if I were an aspiring professional singer, I might add things like: Write A Song, Record A Demo, Send The Demo To Record Labels.

3. What Are Your Biggest Fears?
For many bucket listers, facing fears is a HUGE part of their list. Will it be a part of yours?

4. Do You Have Family Goals?
Are there goals you’ve wanted to accomplish with friends & family that you just haven’t gotten around to? Make them a priority, & put them on your list!

5. What Are Your Hobbies?
Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument & unfortunately just never had the time? Make the time, & add it to your list!

6. Let’s Talk Travel
This one is easy, as it’s a huge part of the bucket lists of so many. Where have you always wanted to go & who with? It’s time to start planning.

If you’re still looking for things to implement in your list, be sure to check out my List Ideas category for ideas.

Happy Bucket Listing!


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