How Much Can I Accomplish… In 2 Weeks?

    Hello Readers!

    It’s that time again! Starting Sunday, June 16th, I’m going chore crazy again & I need help deciding what ones to do first. Get updates on how I’m accomplishing these tiny – and big – goals & get inspired with just how many I can accomplish in two weeks… BY MYSELF. Motivate me to motivate you… or something like that. 🙂

    How do you get involved? Each of the following chores & goals have been numbered in my notebook at home. Submit a number between 1 & 37 below and I’ll place updates on which chores have been requested, how I’ve accomplished them & why.

    I hope you have fun helping me slave away at home! 😀

Thank you for all of your support!

  • Learn Calligraphy
  • Create Belt Bracelets
  • Add Finish to my Desk
  • Order Glass for Desk
  • Shred All Old Documents
  • Organize Desk
  • Learn Guitar
  • Create CMA Photo Book 2013
  • Create CMA Photo Book 2009
  • Create Nashville Living Photo Book 2010
  • Create Nashville Collage
  • Organize Photos
  • Edit All Photography
  • Watermark All Photography
  • Add All Photography to 2147Miles
  • Purchase CMA Fest Photo Frames
  • Print CMA Fest Photos
  • Plant My Garden
  • Learn to Use Sewing Machine
  • Learn Recording Equipment
  • Learn About Submitting to iTunes
  • Paint Bathroom Ceiling
  • Redo Shower Grout
  • Clean Both Showers
  • Finish Updating Movie Database
  • Finish Reading Nicholas Sparks Books
  • Add All Clothing to Stylebook App
  • Sell All Lighting Online or in Yard sale
  • Prepare for Father’s Day
  • Transfer Palm Tree to New Pot
  • Update All Website Goals with Blogs
  • Add Wall Decor to Guest Room
  • How Many Inches Can I Lose in Two Weeks?
  • Get Ready for Our Pond
  • Stain Bathroom Vanity
  • Caulk Bathroom Vanity
  • Organize All Closets

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