Hit Play

    Many believe that everyone has regrets; it might even be their excuse to have regrets. While regret is something that many carry, I wouldn’t go as far to say ‘everyone’ and it’s all because I realized one simple thing: If I hadn’t have made that mistake, where would I be now? I wouldn’t be here, in this moment, with this amazing guy who I’m head over heals for.

    Alter one tiny thing within your past and I guarantee you’ll regret the ripples. I am constantly trying to remind myself of this. It doesn’t matter what road you decided to travel, you’re always going to have moments when you’re looking back and wondering why you didn’t take an opportunity that was there or why you went left instead of right.

    Life isn’t perfect. Stop searching for answers that are meaningless to the life you’re living now. Stop letting old friends or foes infect the life that you’re living now by constantly looking back. Stop pretending that any alteration in your past could leave you with absolutely no regrets today. Stop rewinding & hit play! Start looking forward and only carry with you the good memories, for they are all that matter. Happiness; it’s time we all start focusing on that.

Are you willing to go the distance?


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