Hello #WINEGOALS: The Ultimate Wine Bucket List

Whether you’re new to wine & all that it entails, or you’re the person who’s pairing wine with food, these bucket list items are sure to have you enthralled in your next few bottles of beautiful grape nectar. (Was that too much? Come on…) Check out the awesome #winegoals wine bucket list below, courtesy of the lovely Michele Francisco of Winerabble.com. (Yes, I consulted an expert.)

Be sure to also really ogle the Glacier National Park wine photo I was able to capture awkwardly alongside the narrow Road To The Sun. You’re welcome!
[  ] Go On A Wine Tour
[  ] Work On A Bottling Line
[  ] Work Harvest For A Day
[  ] Work In A Vineyard For The Day
[  ] Enjoy A $100 Bottle
[  ] Enjoy A $2 Bottle
[  ] Try Boxed Wine
[  ] Visit An Urban Winery
[  ] Do A Blind Taste Test
[  ] Visit A Wine Region Outside The US
[  ] Visit A Wine Region In The US
[  ] Try A Dessert Wine
[  ] Enjoy Sparkling Wine
[  ] Have A Personal Wine Cellar
[  ] Try An Oregon Pinot Noir
[  ] Visit A Winery With A Beautiful View
[  ] Participate In A Grape Stomping Contest
[  ] Drink Wine Produced From Same Stomping
[  ] Take A Food & Wine Pairing Class 

A huge thank you to Michele & Winerabble for helping out a wine amateur with her much needed wine bucket list!