A little over three years ago, I’d never been in love. I’d never actually considered marriage or kids, I’d never felt that breathless feeling that comes with love & I was certain that I had everything I ever needed just being on my own. I didn’t know what it felt like to give someone every part of you & I’d certainly never felt the pings of heartbreak.

    All of that changed within these past few years. I know what it feels like; I’ve officially experienced it all. And as I sit here thinking back on the past three years, even as painful as all of it is, I still can’t help but be thankful. Look at all that we did, look at how much we grew… whether or not it was together or apart.

    In the midst of all of the confusion that comes with the ups & downs of heartbreak, I remain optimistic. While I may not know the future, I can finally sit here & tell myself that regardless, everything is going to be okay. While I may have taken two steps back, I seem to have also taken one step forward… & today, regardless of this morning’s upset, I am finding that I can breathe through it.

    So here I am, finally starting to bloom. Whatever comes next simply will. I’m ready.

    Are you willing to go the distance?


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