Happy Thanksgiving…

The Year Of Change is slowly coming to an end, but before we make more goals for the New Year, we must first celebrate & acknowledge everything that we are thankful for & all that we have become.
What did you learn this year? About yourself? About others? And how has this changed your outlook on life? What are you thankful about this year?

This year, out of everything that I’ve learned, to Forgive & Move On has been the most valuable lesson. Though the most difficult task of my entire year, it’s brought me new strengths in life & taken me further than I could’ve ever imagined.

So now’s the moment to think about what you’re thankful for & about how you’ve grown this year. What have you accomplished? What’s something wonderful that happened that you didn’t expect? And lastly, spend Thanksgiving knowing what you’re thankful for & cherishing every part of it.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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